All lizards, snakes and turtles are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act and it is against the law to take them from the wild. You can get a licence from the DECC to keep captive-bred reptiles as pets.

All legitimate reptile keepers hold one of these licenses, upon purchasing an animal from someone you will exchange licence details and write them in your logbook. You will also include information about the transaction such as the species name you have received , its gender and whether or not it was a gift, trade or financial transaction.

Keeping records is good for everyone, it lets us know exactly how many turtles we have bred, dates they hatched and which of our turtles are breeding the best. It helps you to remember exactly how old your turtle is, its specie and gender. These records are also very valuable in a conservation sense as well, when a certain specie is threatened in the wild, the DECC can easily set up a captive breeding program just by contacting the keepers who have recorded them in their logbooks.

To apply for a reptile keepers license or to find out more follow these links!